Thursday, October 18, 2007

Working on the Page, B&B News

Still working on ideas, and if any of you visit my personal blog at all you probably know that this site will continue to grow and evolve as we go. I love adding fun little interactive things that you can play with, so keep your eyes open for new features as I work on this.
I hope to add fun polls, and snapshots, as well as music that will be changed out intermittently. I will be setting up a database for those who wish to contribute to the blog. It will be run similar to a newspaper and you can be the reporters!
Each person will be assigned an area to cover. For example Cathy(if she were to choose to do so) could be assigned the Quilting section. Meaning that it would be her responsibility to post the quilt stitch of the day, pattern of the day, and fabric of the day. The Sections that are getting more feedback such as knitting and crochet will receive more in depth coverage, and therefore one member will be assigned to certain areas of the broader topic. For Example under knitting we would have a team of "reporters" that would each cover their own area. One would be assigned knit pattern of the day. This person would post a link to the pattern with a description of it, and a brief review of the difficulty level and quality level of the pattern. And any personal opinions of it as well. The reporters will be given a description of their duties with their assignments so you will not be running blind here.
More to come!

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