Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bits and Bobs UNRAVELED!

For those members who are already a part of Ravelry, I wanted to let you know that we are there too!

Bits and Bobs UnRaveled

We are booming! We already have over 103 members! I am so happy to see how the group is growing over there! So lets get it moving along and start posting! Don't forget to add your intro post to the Intro thread! We love our members and want to get to know you all better. Tell us a little about yourselves so that we know what types of projects are of interest to you!

Don't Forget to check out the KAL thread, in there will be all pertinent information for the UnRaveled KALs. Materials lists, rows, everything KAL related will be posted in there first. All KAL information will also be posted to the blog from all 3 groups, Bits and Bobs, Bits and Bobs 2 Special Projects, and Bits and Bobs UnRaveled.

Also for those on Ravelry, be sure to post your fishie progress in the Fishies thread!


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