Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Time off

I'm going to take a little over a month off from posting on this blog. It will give me time to figure out what to post about next. There are several patterns that look interesting in the American Thread Company booklet that I inherited from my MIL. But, I'd like to crochet them before posting. Then there are some pillow case crocheted edgings that I did a long time ago with my grandmother's help. But, I'd have to figure out the patterns. And then there's the Irish crochet shawl that I helped my daughter make when she was in elementary school.

So, I've got some ideas. But, I'm not even sure anyone reads what I've written so far. I can see from the meter that the blog gets around 100 hits per week. But, it could just be from people doing searches, ending up here, and then immediately leaving. So, if you like what you see on the blog or have any suggestions about further topics, please leave a comment.

By the way, the reason I've been posting about crocheting is that I volunteered to. If anyone would like to volunteer to post about any fiber arts subject, contact the owner of the blog through the Yahoo! Bits and Bobs group or the Ravelry Bits and Bobs group.

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