Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Irish Crochet Rose - 3

So far, we've completed the first round of petals. Next comes a set-up round for the second round of petals. The next line of instructions from the American Thread Company booklet is:

"3rd Row. * Ch 5, sc in back of work between the single crochets of next 2 petals, repeat from * all around."

The picture shows the back of the rose. I chained 5. (The chain sts are hidden by a petal in the picture. They really shouldn't be.) Then I placed the hook through the back of the stitch between petals -- the back of a dc from round 1 -- as the first step in making a sc.

The last stitch from the previous round is just to the left of the petal just to the left of the crochet hook (from our perspective) . (It's at about the 11 o'clock position.) When the round is complete, none of the sts from this round will be easily visible from the right side of the rose.


sharonb said...

Carol I have looked long and hard for an email address as I hate to raise this in the comments area.
I realise you have not been blogging long and probably don't know that the image you have used in your banner is a copyright infringement. It is my work and as such I have not released copyright on it.
As I said you are probably unaware that this is not legal So can I ask you plese not to use it. Thanks

Carol said...

I sent a message to the owner of the blog about this. And, I'm sure that as soon as she reads the message, the matter will be corrected.
Thanks for bringing it to our attention.
-- Carol

sharonb said...

Carol according to your blogger profile - you are the owner of this blog

Carol said...

Blogger profiles just indicate membership; i.e., the right to post. They do not indicate ownership.

I volunteered to make weekly posts on crocheting. That is the totality of my involvement.

But, I am sure that the creator of the blog is trying to correct the problem. Sometimes, internet connections and/or Blogger do not cooperate.

It could be that you set up your Bead Project blog so that any member could change the layout of the blog. (At least, I assume you're the creator of the blog.) However, that is not the case here. Click on any member's name in the Bead Project blog, and you'll see that it's not clear who the creator of the blog is.

Christmas Angel said...

SharonB I am the Owner of this blog and I have, unfortunately been absent for a while. I apologize for any undue inconvenience I may have caused you with the use of your work on the banner, I was not aware that the piece was copyrighted in any way. I have changed the banner and am currently working on my own original photo to use instead. Please accept my humblest apologies, and my thanks for bringing the matter to my attention. Best Wishes!

sharonb said...

Hi Christmas Angle - thanks for righting this as I said on my first post I am sorry not to be able to do this in an email and I realise that you were probably not aware of the infringement

Carol I am not involved with the bead blog so point taken